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How do we create an embroidery label that is sustainable, social and fair?

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Personalized Text Japanese - Embroidery on Sweatshirt
Personalized Text Japanese - Embroidery on Sweatshirt
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Why embroider
instead of printing?


Machine embroidery offers exceptional durability thanks to the use of high-quality yarns and precise embroidery techniques. Our designs retain their shape and color even after frequent washing and intensive use. This significantly extends the life of the textiles and ensures lasting quality.


Machine embroidery not only creates visually appealing patterns and motifs, but also a unique tactile experience. The relief-like texture of embroidery gives garments and textile products a tangible quality and value that is unmatched by other finishing techniques.


Our on-demand production model minimizes overproduction and waste by producing only the quantities needed. This approach promotes a more sustainable fashion industry by conserving resources and reducing unnecessary stock.


Compared to other textile finishing processes, machine embroidery is significantly more water-efficient. Thanks to the dry production process, we save enormous amounts of water that would otherwise be used in dyeing and washing processes. This significantly reduces the ecological footprint of our textile production.


We only use high-quality yarns made from 100% recycled PET. This conscious selection of sustainable and responsibly produced materials sets our products apart and makes them the environmentally conscious choice for textile finishing.

Fair for the planet
and everyone involved.

We focus on sustainable slow fashion and fair working conditions in order to offer products of impressive quality. The selection of high-quality materials for our embroideries is just as important as the workmanship itself.

All manufacturer certifications and further details can be found on the page of the respective product.

Production to order
instead of mass and overproduction.

Our philosophy is based on production to order rather than mass production to avoid overproduction and conserve resources. This model allows us to perfect every detail and ensure that each motif receives our full attention.

You can find a look behind the scenes on our Instagram: @keomakindl

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