What do you need?

  • Embroidery machine:
    The embroidery machine is the central tool for machine embroidery. It enables precise embroidery patterns on various materials.

  • Embroidery thread:
    High-quality embroidery thread is crucial to creating long-lasting embroidery as the fiber texture has a direct impact on the final result.

  • Embroidery files:
    Designs are prepared manually in special software to provide the embroidery machine with required information such as coordinates, color changes, etc.

  • Time:
    Be it for the creation of the embroidery files, the preparation of the materials or the actual embroidery process. Dedication of time is crucial for quality.

Painting with yarn

Machine embroidery is a fascinating design technique made possible through the use of embroidery machines and computer-controlled processes. The process begins with the creation of an embroidery design, which is prepared manually in special software. These digital embroidery files contain instructions for the embroidery machine, including stitch coordinates, color changes and other details.


The choice of embroidery thread and the correct preparation of the fabric are crucial to the quality of the embroidery. Embroidery stabilizer is used to stabilize the fabric and prevent warping during embroidery.

Digital becomes physical

Once the embroidery design is created, it is transferred to the embroidery machine. The machine reads the embroidery file and uses an embroidery hoop to stabilize the fabric. High-quality embroidery thread is inserted into the machine's needle, and the embroidery process begins with the machine making precise stitches according to the embroidery file's instructions.

Good things come to those who wait

Time plays a crucial role in machine embroidery. Manually digitizing designs, preparatory work such as cutting fleece or precisely hooping T-shirts requires time. The embroidery process, especially with extensive motifs, is time-consuming, often over 20,000 stitches and more than an hour. Nevertheless, machine embroidery enables complex designs to be efficiently realized on various materials and opens up creative possibilities for expression in textile art.

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